Our Mission statement...

SingingCat, the one-stop shop/platform for IoT device management, for both start-ups and the manufacturing industry...

What we do

SingingCat is the first to market with a full stack, opensource, licensable IoT-as-a-Service offering.

From electronic engineering over connectivity, security, to cloud backend, remote debugging and logging as well as upgrades and rollouts, SingingCat has that one single platform to catch them all.

IoT-as-a-Service by SingingCat

...substantially facilitates management of those scores of IoT-enabled devices of various backgrounds out there on customer's premise, therefore eliminating the need for a manufacturer to reinvent the wheel again... letting especially startups focus on finding their own USP

We believe that the Internet of Things is not just about one particular device bound to a single app. Instead we believe, the true power of the Internet of Things comes when many devices 'know' about their environment. Then, since you can combine the devices, you can put much smarter rules in place. (Frankly, we don't think a home is 'smart' just because one can turn a light on or off with a smartphone app!). So all the information our devices have are there for you. Of course, none of it is reported to any servers in a cloud (unless of course you want to!).

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