We take security and privacy very seriously. We only set a single cookie on to your browser.
This cookie is used ONLY by us and ONLY for the purpose to guide you through the website.
In technical terms: This is a short-lived session-cookie.

You might wonder why we don't have an annoying banner on our site to ask for your consent.
This is because we ONLY EVER use a cookie to guide you to our site. The European Cookie Law has an exception for exactly this case. Afterall, the law was intended to stop illicit and annoying advertising tracking rather than "normal" use.

The text of the cookielaw is here.
In particular, we refer to (25), which for your convenience is listed below.

(25) However, such devices, for instance so-called "cookies", can be a legitimate and useful tool, for example, in analysing the effectiveness of website design and advertising, and in verifying the identity of users engaged in on-line transactions. Where such devices, for instance cookies, are intended for a legitimate purpose, such as to facilitate the provision of information society services, their use should be allowed on condition that users are provided with clear and precise information in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC about the purposes of cookies or similar devices so as to ensure that users are made aware of information being placed on the terminal equipment they are using. Users should have the opportunity to refuse to have a cookie or similar device stored on their terminal equipment. This is particularly important where users other than the original user have access to the terminal equipment and thereby to any data containing privacy-sensitive information stored on such equipment. Information and the right to refuse may be offered once for the use of various devices to be installed on the user's terminal equipment during the same connection and also covering any further use that may be made of those devices during subsequent connections. The methods for giving information, offering a right to refuse or requesting consent should be made as user-friendly as possible. Access to specific website content may still be made conditional on the well-informed acceptance of a cookie or similar device, if it is used for a legitimate purpose.